11 Most Abusive Anime Girls Ever

5. Chidori Kaname, Full Metal Panic


Would you support a type of protection which includes physical abuse? I’m sure the answer is going to be NO! but it’s totally different in this anime.

Chidori although appears to be a regular high school student but is a Whispered, a mysterious group of kids with special knowledge which enables them to create technology way ahead of its time.

On the other hand comes Sosuke Sagara a young solider of a secret military who’s sent after Chidori to protect her from terrorists trying to steal her skills for wrong reasons.

Sagara lacks in how everyday society works because of which he’s trying to kill everybody who’s even trying to have a conversation with Sagara, to an extent that he sometimes put landmines in cafeteria just to protect her.

But Chidori takes him wrong and tries to stop him by using physical forces and abuses.

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