11 Most Abusive Anime Girls Ever

We keep on sharing fun lists with all of our readers and today we’re going to share a list comprised of most abusive anime girls of all time, if they’re pretty they’re more abusive!


Now you must be thinking that all these female anime characters which are going to hit this list are evil or villain in character but no it’s not true cause most of them are neutral anime character or protagonist.

1. Naru Narusegawa, Love Hina

Love Hina

Ever seen someone being projected to sky by a single punch in any anime. Well this happens a lot in anime called Love Hina and is referred to as “Naru Punch” because she frequently employs it on Keitaro, the protagonist.

These punches are projected whenever Keitaro caught her naked or does anything perverted, which in other word means that it happens like all the time during any episode.

The most strange thing is that every Naru Punch is an accident and an innocent man is getting his ass kicked.

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