Top 20 Tsundere Girls in Anime

Everyone loves a tsundere. They are the type of girl that is prickly like a cactus on the outside, but as sweet as sugar deep inside. Originally coined by dating sim fans, players (and soon anime viewers) were decidedly fond of the “tsun tsun,” or harsh, exterior, and working towards spotting the “dere dere,” or soft, interior. And so the official term for girls like Asuka Langley and Taiga Aisaka were born. It wasn’t long before it spread through the 2D fandom. Finally, fans who found the work they had to put in with a women in order to get to the sweet, nougat center rewarding had something to call their type of anime women.

20 – Yui Kotegawa from To Love-Ru

Yui Kotegawa is on the harsher side of tsundere, leaning dangerously close to being a kudere. She has a disciplined, cool personality alongside a strict set of rules, something that makes her perfect for the high school disciplinary committee. Although she is intolerant of any funny, pervy business, there is a small center of softness in there. Unfortunately, you only get to see a lot of hard shell in To Love-Ru

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